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Our advocacy efforts are comprehensive and include issues research, public education and awareness of social justice issues impacting women, building coalitions and partnerships, leadership of the Tennessee Women’s Fund Alliance, and lobbying and calls to legislative action. We primarily work at the local and state level.

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Through our Nightingale Network, we make grants to women led projects and organizations that work in the social justice arena for women and their families. This membership based effort reflects our belief in the democratization of philanthropy. Our members are united by a passion for supporting those working on social justice issues.

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We are all a part of solutions for improving the lives of women and girls. By joining our voices, we can find new ways to collaborate and create innovative solutions.

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Our Annual luncheon in October is a key stone event in our public awareness campaign. It features a hard-hitting speech by a national leader in social justice issues and how all of us can help change things for the better. It combines message with fun and fellowship.

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We convene organizations serving women and girls to find new ways to link our advocacy platform. We provide advocacy training and gather feedback to engage those most directly impacted by the policies we work to influence.

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