The Women’s Fund of Greater Chattanooga is a collaborative effort, dealing in knowledge and in action. Everyone should know the problems women face every day, and everyone should understand that they are part of the solution. Offer some of your time and resources to the Women’s Fund and make life better for women.

Here are some of the ways we work to improve the lives of women and girls in Chattanooga.


Our advocacy efforts aim to bring lasting social change by influencing legislation that affects women and girls on the local, state and national level. We keep our constituents and partners informed of government policies and legislation, so that together we can promptly respond.

Together with our sister women's funds in Tennessee, we successfully advocated for the passage of 20 new bills over the last two years. Those bills gave Tennessee some of the most aggressive anti-sex trafficking laws in the country. Read more about our recent work.

Strategic Grantmaking

Through our Nightingale Network, we make and manage grants to efforts and organizations serving women and girls. Nightingale members invest what they can and then work together to choose projects and organizations to fund. Once a grant is made, we require recipients to report on their progress. We then provide management advice and assistance in their efforts. Learn more about contributing to the Nightingale Grantmaking Network, or applying for a grant.


Our work doesn’t exist in a vacuum.  We convene organizations serving women and girls to find new ways to collaborate and create innovative solutions together.

Our convening efforts are linked to our advocacy platform.  Not only do we provide advocacy training to organizations impacting women and girls, we also convene them to gather feedback and to engage the women most directly impacted by the policies we seek to influence.

Hosting Events

Periodically we host events that help raise awareness, communicate our message, and raise funds. Visit our events page to see upcoming events. Below are some of the events we host on a regular basis.

Voices 2016

In the fall of 2016, we will host our annual event that is centered around how women can use their voices to make lives better for themselves and their communities. A guest speaker will be featured at the luncheon. Stay tuned for more details!

Nightingale Parties

Through our Nightingale Grantmaking Network efforts, we host events to connect women of all backgrounds so they can invest in a better future for women and girls in Chattanooga. Each woman is given a vote, and at the end of the funding cycle all donations are pooled and given as a grant to the organization with the most votes.

Community Forums

The Women’s Fund Community Forum series explores issues affecting women and girls and provides an opportunity to engage the community. Committed to helping broaden the thinking and possibilities about community solutions, we identify speakers and/or issues to bring to our community for education, debate and discussion.